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Feature films Barbie in the Nutcracker
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Parthenia is a location from Barbie in the Nutcracker. Also known as the Land of Sweets and the Land of Candy, Parthenia is ruled by King Eric.


For most of the movie, Parthenia is ruled over by the Mouse King. Clara and Eric go through a portal from Clara's world to Parthenia in search of the Sugar Plum Princess so they can reverse spells that the Mouse King put on them. The portal is blue and has white and purple lights in it. Inside, it quickly transports whoever goes into it to another place. There is more than one exit in the portal, and Clara and Eric go through one that leads to the Ice Cave.

Physical Appearance

Parthenia is a large, slightly Alpine kingdom which is bordered by a mountain range (the Palace of Sweets sits atop one of these mountains), the ice caves and the Sea of Storms. Normally, it's a beautiful place - Clara says she's "never seen a sky so blue" - but the Mouse King seems intent on destroying it. Still, the kingdom seems to retain some of its natural beauty; its fields are covered with green grass and its trees (which smell like peppermint) are still standing. In fact, some of the trees are large enough for a whole room to be built inside them. The smaller trees appear to be pine trees, adding to the alpine feel of the place. The snow in Parthenia isn't cold and floating rocks, like the floating stepping stones, appear to be commonplace.


In Parthenia, faeries and giant mice co-exist alongside the human inhabitants. The faeries are an accepted part of society and presumably have some control over the land ("probably off to make a blizzard somewhere", the Nutcracker says about the Snow Faeries); in fact, since the Flower faeries can grow plants, they probably provide an important role in the kingdom's ecosystem.

While the giant mice are much more hostile than the faeries, they appear to be an accepted part of Parthenian life. The sheer amount of them says a lot, and since the Mouse King had enough social status to become the former king's advisor, he and his species probably weren't strangers to the kingdom. Whether they were always as dangerous as they are during the Mouse's reign isn't clear.

Not all citizens of Parthenia share the same lifestyle. For instance, the Peppermint Girl and Gingerbread Boy both wear considerably nicer outfits than the other subjects. Some of the people build houses out of gingerbread, but since we see no other houses and the Palace of Sweets is built out of stone, it's not sure if that's just one village. The mere presence of Major Mint and Captain Candy suggests the kingdom had its own army, although what happened to the rest of the soldiers is never explained.

The subjects of Parthenia usually carry farming tools which can be used as weapons, such as spears and pitchforks. They also seem to have carraiges, although where they keep them during their time in the Treetop Village is unclear. Only one of them is given a name: Masha, a woman who takes care of the Peppermint Girl and Gingerbread Boy after Clara and the Nutcracker are brought in for questioning. It is also safe to assume that they are the last of their population (Major Mint explains that he's protecting "what's left of our subjects"). They are later persuaded to stand up to the Mouse King, but are caught and turned into stone. This, like the rest of the Mouse King's spells, is reversed when Clara becomes the Sugar Plum Princess.


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