Prince Aidan
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Prince aidan
Gender Male
Species Human
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Occupation Prince
Voiced by Mark Hildreth
Wife Princess Annika
Sister-in-law Princess Brietta
Father-in-law King
Mother-in-law Queen
Father Aidan's Father
Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus

Prince Aidan is a character in Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus. He is Princess Annika's love interest, and he meets her in the forbidden forest. Aidan is voiced by Mark Hildreth. At first he and Annika don't like each other but he became her love interest throughout the course of the story.


Aidan and Annika first meet when she and Brietta become victims of his net traps. He and Annika don't get along, but he aids them on their quest to find the build the wand if light. After they gather all three objects, he works in a cave all night to put together the wand. He reveals to Annika why he ran away from home. He lost all if his family's money, and could not face them.

After his job is finished, he, Annika and Brietta go their separate ways. Shortly after, he finds Annika when she's buried under snow and protects her until they reach the Cloud Castle revealing that he has feelings for her.

With Annika determined to save her family, he follows her into Wenlocks cave to retrieve the wand. He impresses Annika with his skating skills. Aiden distracts a Griffan to buy her time. After Annika breaks all of Wenlocks spells, he returns to his family who have missed him dearly. In the end, both him and Annika can be seen skating as a couple, and Aidan wears a crown as he is a prince and the husband of Princess Annika.


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