Prince Daniel
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Gender Male
Species Human
Eyes Blue
Occupation Prince
Voiced by Mark Hildreth
Wife Princess Odette
Mother Queen Mother
Father-in-law Baker
Sister-in-law Marie
Barbie of Swan Lake
For the choreographer, see Daniel (The Princess & The Popstar).

Prince Daniel is a supporting character in Barbie of Swan Lake. He is Odette's love interest and he is voiced by Mark Hildreth.


When Daniel was sent to kill Odette, he fails to do so because of her beauty, and eventually falls in love with her. At the royal palace during a party, Rothbart tricks Daniel into expressing his true feelings about Odette to Odile disguised as her. In the end, when all seems lost, his love for Odette saves the Enchanted Forest, undoing all of Rothbarts evil.

Physical Appearance

Daniel wore a gray and blue shirt, brown pants, and black boots.


  • "Rothbart tricked me. It's you I love, if you'll have me."



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Barbie of Swan Lake
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