Prince Zane
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Gender Male
Species Fairy
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Age 20s
Occupation Prince of Gloss Angeles
Voiced by Silvio Pollio
Wife Princess Graciella
Barbie: A Fairy Secret

Prince Zane is a character in Barbie: A Fairy Secret. He is an Italian fairy and the boyfriend and later husband of Princess Graciella and Prince of Gloss Angeles. When he hears she is marrying Ken, he thinks who Ken tries to steal his girlfriend, challenges him to three duels. Zane is voiced by Silvio Pollio.

Physical Appearance

Zane has dark brown hair, brown eyes and tan skin. He is very athletic, tall and strong. His wings are blue and narrow. He has an Italian accent.


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Barbie: A Fairy Secret

Quote: "Forgiveness lets you fly"

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