Princess Isla
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Gender Female
Species Human
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Occupation Princess-in-training/Student(formerly)
Voiced by Shannon Chan-Kent
Barbie: Princess Charm School
For the character in Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses, see Princess Isla (The 12 Dancing Princesses).

Princess Isla is a character in Barbie: Princess Charm School. She attends the school with her classmates Blair and Hadley, and her sprite is Harmony. Isla is voiced by Shannon Chan-Kent.


Isla is quiet and shy, but she is very joyful, very caring, and very sweet. She loves music and is very helpful, and very kind. She and Hadley also are interested in learning about Queen Isabella and her family, and are happy to help Blair prove she is the long lost Princess Sophia.

Physical Appearance

Isla's hair appears to be quite short when it is in a bun, or bunches but she later has her hair long and down. She wears blue a lot, from royal blue to sky blue and she has black hair. She has brown eyes and pale skin. Isla sometimes wears one glove and a choker, and she normally has chopsticks in her hair. She wears the school uniform at the school, but also wears a customized royal blue uniform. At the graduation party she has her hair down and she wears her tiara and a beautiful long royal blue gown.
  • Isla's School Uniform
  • Blair Hadley and Isla in thier new uniforms
  • Princess Isla's Princess Gown
  • Princess Isla at the Graduation Party
  • Isla Blair Delancy and Hadley after Graduation


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  • "No way! Blair! It's a picture of Blair!"
  • "Who needs a tiara anyway? It just makes your head itch!"
  • "I love that you know that story!"
  • "That's okay. You'll be hanging out with us."
  • "Oh, I know this story. She was a lottery winner, but no Princess or Lady Royal, not even her sister, Queen Isabella."
  • "I love to find out more about Queen Isabella and her family. They're so mysterious!"
  • "I’m still working on them. They’re not ready to be heard yet."
  • "I hear that too, la-la la-la-la la-la-la...that’s what I’ve been humming this whole time! Give me your phone. Do-re-mi... I’ve got it!"
  • "It was totally time."


  • While in the dance class taught by Dame Devin, Isla hums the song "Can You Keep A Secret" by Kristina Allison. The song was the main theme song in Barbie: A Fairy Secret.
  • There are no dolls of Isla, as the Barbie movies are based on Mattel's toylines; the toys are made first, and Isla's character was made up while the movie script was being written. However, Harmony, Isla's sprite, has a doll. Harmony may have originally been Delancy's sprite.
  • In pictures seen before the film was released, Delancy wore Isla's graduation gown.
  • Her name means "Island" in Tagalog.
Barbie: Princess Charm School
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Quote: "There's a princess in every girl."

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