Princess Janessa
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Princess Janessa
Gender Female
Species Human
Hair Dark brown
Eyes Dark blue
Occupation Princess
Voiced by Britt McKillip
Father King Randolph
Sisters Princess Ashlyn
Princess Blair
Princess Courtney
Princess Delia
Princess Edeline
Princess Fallon
Princess Genevieve
Princess Hadley
Princess Isla
Princess Lacey
Princess Kathleen
Brother-in-law Prince Derek
Late mother Queen Isabella
Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses
For the Twillerbee, see Janessa (Thumbelina).

Princess Janessa is a character in Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses. She is the tenth daughter of King Randolph and the late Queen Isabella's twelve daughters. Janessa is the eldest of the triplets, the other triplets being Kathleen and Lacey, and they turn 5 years old in the movie. Janessa is interested in bugs, and she loves to collect them. She voiced by Britt McKillip. Janessa's favourite gem is an aquamarine.


Janessa appears in beginning of the movie, with her triplet sisters, Kathleen and Lacey, when she tries to catch another insect-a blue bug. At the same time, their elder twin sisters (Hadley and Isla, stumble into the room on stilts. They collide with each other and fall down.

She and her eleven sisters discover a magical world of dancing. Like her sisters, Janessa loves to dance. When their father's evil cousin, Duchess Rowena, arrives at their home and tries to take over the kingdom by killing King Randolph, Janessa and her sisters work together to defeat her, when she, Kathleen and Lacey were outside the castle wondering what was happening, Lacey thought she should give the water to Genevieve but Janessa reminded her that they should stay outside untilshe got back and Lacey told Janessa it coudn't wait Janessa told Lacey to come back but she didn't listen.


Janessa acts like the leader of the triplets, because she is the eldest triplet. She is very close with Kathleen, and wants to protect Lacey. She looks the most obedient from all twelve princesses. She is very sweet and gentle. 

Physical Appearance

  • Janessa's Regular Dress
  • Janessa's Nightgown
  • Janessa's Ballet Outfit
  • Janessa's Grey Gown
  • Bridesmaid Dress

Janessa has dark brown hair and dark blue eyes. Her princess and ballet dresses are aquamarine blue. When she wears her ballet dress and the Rowena's gray dress, she wears her hair in a bun; in other cases her hair is untied. She also resembles her mother like her elder sister Ashlyn.

The top part of Janessa's day dress is pale blue and the sleeves are short and puffy. There is a band around her waist with a  flower on it, and her skirt is blue and white. She wears white tights and light blue dancing shoes so she can dance with her sisters.

Janessa wears the same nightdress as all of her sisters. It is long and white with long sleeves and it is floaty.

Rowena makes Janessa and her sisters wear a gray dress. She also has to wear her hair in a bun with a gray band. As all the sisters look the same, their individuality is taken away from them.

Janessa's ballet dress is like her day dress, but shorter. She wears her hair in a bun with a purple band with this dress.

When Janessa is the bridesmaid for Genevieve and Derek's wedding, her dress is similar to her day dress but the colors are different. She has her hair out and the dress is white at the top. The skirt is very pale yellow and her dance shoes are white.


  • She shares her name with Janessa from Barbie Presents Thumbelina.
  • On the Barbie website, she is stated to have aquamarine as her favorite stone and jonquil as her favorite flower.
  • Her caterpillar is named Harold.


Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses
Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses Classic Cover

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