Princess Lacey is a character in Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses. She is the youngest daughter of King Randolph and the late Queen Isabella's 12 daughters and the triplets are the youngest of all the sisters. She has two triplet sisters, Janessa and Kathleen, and they are five years old. Lacey is played by Kelly, and she is voiced by Chantal Strand.

Official Description

"Hi! I'm Lacey, I love to dance ballet and hope to become a beautiful dancer like my older sister Genevieve."

  • Fave flower: White Lily
  • Fave gem: Amethyst


Lacey sometimes needs help with things like climbing into her bed. This causes her to think she is not as good as everyone else, making her unsure of her worth. But she finds out that it isn't so when she saves her father from death by poisoning.

Physical Appearance

  • Lacey's Regular Gown
  • Lacey's Night Gown
  • Lacey's Ballet Gown
  • Lacey's Grey Gown
  • Lacey's Bridesmaid Gown
Lacey has blonde hair and light teal eyes. She is very similar to her father, so, she has a very good relationship with him. Her favorite color is light purple; her princess and ballet dresses are in this color. When she wears ballet dress and Rowena's gray dress, she ties her hair into a bun; in other cases her hair is untied. Her hairstyle is similar to Cloud Princess Blush from the movie Barbie and The Magic of Pegasus.


  • Janessa, Kathleen wait for me.
  • (Janessa worried about her father had not come to their birthday. Where's Papa) He's never forgotten our birthday.
  • (Genevieve sitting next to her sister as Lacey feels sad Want some company?) Guess so. (Genevieve: I used to come here when I was upset.) Why can't I be good at something. Edeline and Delia are good at sports. Courtney had read every book ever written. Blair rides her horses. And you are the most beautiful dancer.( Genevieve chuckles: I thought you were gonna say I'm always late.) That too. Genevieve remembering what their late mother used to tell them: Your probably don't remember but mother always told us: Big or small there's difference only you can make.
  • But it's our birthday.( Rowena: A princess does not talk back. No more dancing until you learn Royalty.)
  • But it's the truth.
  • ( Almost begin to cry): I ... I didn't mean to.. I'm sorry ( and she runs away.) (Genevieve running after her little sister: Lacey)


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