Princess Portia of Narcissia
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Gender Female
Species Human
Hair Ginger
Eyes Blue
Occupation Princess-in-training/Student
Princess of Narcissia
Voiced by Ali Liebert
Barbie: Princess Charm School

Princess Portia of Narcissia is a character in Barbie: Princess Charm School. She is one of the princesses picked for the 144th annual Princess Procession to attend Princess Charm School. She is voiced by Ali Liebert.

Physical Appearance

Portia has short orange hair and light skin. Her eyes are blue, and she wears a princess tiara. She is only seen in her school uniform and her graduation dress which is orange.


Portia is Delancy's closest (and perhaps only) friend, but she is treated like a sidekick or puppet. She isn't very smart and she's always lost in her own little world, as she once got tangled in the tether ball, speaks in non sequiturs, and is poor at counting. Portia can also be lazy, seen when everyone tried to practice poise by balancing books on their heads, and she just lifted hers above her head. However, Portia doesn't seem to be a mean girl, and can actually be friendly, as she was among the students who admired Blair, Hadley and Isla's altered versions of their uniforms.


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  • "Um, Delancy, there’s such a thing as too much perfume'.'"
  • (Picks up Blair's fallen cupcake) "Look Delancy, they’re serving floor cakes'!"
  • "Um, are you taking orders? Because I would do anything for a double-foam mocha latte. The floor cake was delicious.''
  • (To Blair) "You stepped on eight of my toes! I only have four left!" (Blair: "Two. You have two left...") ... That's even worse!"''
  • (To Delancy) "You stole my cake!" (Delancy: "Not me... Blair!""How dare she? I wanted that cake."
  • (After Blair embarrasses herself) "Serves you right for stealing my cake!"
  • (To Delancy) "Delancy, that's the pink line." (Delancy: "I just don't see Prince Nicholas. He's the one I want to dance with.") "Maybe he's invisible."


Barbie: Princess Charm School
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Quote: "There's a princess in every girl."

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