Princess Starlight
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Barbie as Princess Starlight
Gender Female
Species Human
Hair Blonde with pink streaks
Eyes Blue
Occupation Team member
Team leader
Honorary Princess
Voiced by Erica Lindbeck
Father Barbie's Dad
Mother Deceased mother
Pet Pupcorn
Barbie: Star Light Adventure

Princess Starlight is the main protagonist in "Barbie Starlight Adventure". She is played by Barbie. When speaking, she is voiced by Erica Lindbeck and her singing voice is provided by Jordyn Kane. She is a cosmic princess who is crowned by King Constantine for her bravery and achievements in the movie. Her favorite hobbies are hoverboarding and interacting with animals.


At first, she struggles to find her place in the world, but gradually through her experience with her teammates and friends she finds it. Throughout the story, she learns about the importance of being more confident, teamwork, and friendship.

Physical Appearance

Princess Starlight has blonde hair with pink and silver streaks and blue eyes. She has a silver ear cuff and hair in a braid or ponytail. She is usually dressed in pink, silver, and white. Barbie usually has her mother's locket on her, something that is very precious to her and has an athletic build, which comes in handy when it comes to fighting and parkour. She is also somewhat clumsy and socially awkward.


Barbie is a nice, playful and helpful girl who has some insecurities about her abilities and identity, however, she is and remains a strong and mostly confident character, who tends to be stubborn and has an open mind. She cares about life, is impulsive sometimes, observant, and resourceful. She is also very charismatic since her team members stood up for her and promoted her to team leader because of her personality and kindness. Although she is sometimes rash, she understands the importance of teamwork and learns to be less rash with the help of King Constantine and the other characters. She is also very accepting, supportive of and loving towards everyone, especially her family and friends. She loves her world, especially the stars and animals. And of course, her family and friends.


She is able to hum and manipulate inanimate things telekinetically, tell when someone is using psychic powers, and she is an exceptional athlete.


  • She is the third Barbie character who has psychic powers and is a princess in a science fictional world. After, Princess Lumina in Barbie The Pearl Princess and Princess Kara in Barbie in Princess Power who also has psychic powers.
  • She is the second princess to have bad habits to comes late, the first is Princess Genevieve.
  • She is the third princess to be honorarily crowned, after Princess Liana and Princess Alexa from Barbie & The Diamond Castle.
  • She is the first, and so far the only Barbie Princess, who was never seen wearing a crown in any media.
  • Her party dress is similar to Skipper Roberts' purple dress in Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale.
  • Contrary to popular belief, she and Barbie Roberts are not the same person, as Princess Starlight lives in a far away galaxy, and has no siblings, and only one parent, while Barbie Roberts lives in California and has three sisters.
  • Her pink streaks disappear and appear, this is evidenced when Sal Lee compliments her about her pink hair, and she said: "It's back" and mentions that she didn't have the streaks earlier when she let the starlian go.
  • She is one of the Characters who has pink Streaks besides Merliah Summers from both movies, Barbie from Barbie in a Fairy Secret Mariposa


  • Barbie's Dad: "Your mother used to say the stars were slowing down because people were forgetting to look up. Everyone was too busy and the stars had no one to dance with anymore. According to the prophecy, someone special is out there who can fix them. Maybe it's the king, but maybe he needs help."
  • Barbie: "Imagine a world without stars, Pupcorn."
  • Barbie's Dad: "You know, the night you were born... there was the most beautiful star shower. The sky was alive with stars, swirling and spinning... like they were dancing for you."
  • Barbie: "Really?"
  • Barbie's Dad: "I've never seen anything like it. That's why your mother called you her little starlight."
Barbie: Star Light Adventure

Quote: "You can be anything"

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