The Queen is a supporting character in Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus. She and the King have two daughters, Princess Brietta and Princess Annika, and the Queen cares about them very much. The Queen is voiced by Kathleen Barr.


In a magical kingdom, the Queen wants to surprise her daughter, Princess Annika, with a birthday gift. When she opens the door to Annika's room, she discovers that Annika is missing, having gone to an ice rink without asking for permission. Out skating, Annika meets a small polar bear whom she names Shiver. When Annika returns to the palace, her parents are so worried and overprotective they forbid her from skating ever again.

That night, Annika sneaks out of the palace to join a festival. A powerful wizard named Wenlock appears and asks the princess to marry him. When Annika refuses, Wenlock furiously tells the king and queen the fate of their "other daughter," which surprises Annika. Wenlock magically turns everyone into stone including the Queen, but Annika is saved by Brietta, a flying horse, but Wenlock tells her that she has three days to marry him, otherwise the spell will become permanent.

When Annika, Brietta, Shiver and Prince Aidan save the kingdom and return, the Queen was very happy to see her daughter after many years and as a human and was proud of all of them.

Appearance and Personality

She has fair skin and blonde hair. She is very sensitive and cares a lot about her family. She was very worried for Annika, after what happened to her sister, Princess Brietta, she later apologized for not telling Annika about her sister. When Annika brought Shiver to the palace, the Queen thought that Shiver was very cute but it could bite or harm her that means she is over protective of her daughter.

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Quote: "There is always hope."

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