For the character from Barbie: Princess Charm School, see Queen Isabella (Princess Charm School).

Queen Isabella is a character in Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses. She is the late mother of the princesses, and wife of King Randolph. She was only shown in the movie as a portrait in the castle.


It is unknown how or when Queen Isabella died. It is possible she passed away at the triplets' birth, for they were her last children but still the triplets remember their mother. She, like her daughters, loved to dance, and she had a dance pavilion in the castle. Her daughters, and also her husband, loved her very much, and they still do. When the girls were younger, Queen Isabella gave them all the story books. All of the books had the girl's flowers (for example, a geranium for Ashlyn, a larkspur for Blair, etc.)

The story books are about a princess who loves to dance, and goes to a dance pavilion in a magical world to dance at night. After the third night, the magical world disappears, and the princess is distraught. This hinted to her daughters that the stone pattern on their bedroom floor was the gateway to the magical world from the story, where the girls could dance and get away from their problems.

Duchess Rowena, who wanted to make the girls into "proper princesses" upset the girls by making them change who they were. She also tried to steal the Queen's silver goblet. After the trouble she caused, Genevieve used magic to make Rowena and her crony Desmond dance forever.

The Queen still helped the girls, even after her death, because of something she used to tell them: "There's a difference, only you can make."

She didn't want her girls to change who they were , she told her husband they'll do great things in their own special way.


Because she didn't appear in the movie, her character is unknown. However, she is known to have loved dancing, as she made it a family tradition and her favorite story featured a dancing princess.


Queen Isabella has dark brown hair and dark blue eyes. From all daughters, Ashlyn resembles her the most (even her hairstyle and dress color are similar).

The Queen's dress, in which she's shown on the portrait, is similar with dancing princesses' dresses, with a flower on the middle of bodice of her dress. She wears a beautiful necklace and a golden crown.


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