Rapunzel's silver paintbrush is an object in Barbie as Rapunzel. It was discovered by Rapunzel in a secret room in Gothel's manor.


At first, the paintbrush was a hairbrush. It was a gift from Rapunzel's parents for her first birthday. It has an inscription: "Constant as the stars above, always know that you are loved. To our daughter Rapunzel on her first birthday. With love forever, mother and father." Rapunzel did not know it existed until she was a teenager, because Gothel kidnapped her as a baby and told Rapunzel her parents abandoned her.

After Gothel had broken all Rapunzel's brushes and other painting stuff, Rapunzel looked at the star in the sky, said to herself she would surely find a way to be free, and left the hairbrush on a windowsill. A star flied the hairbrush by and transformed it into a magical paintbrush that was discovered by Hobie. Now Rapunzel was able to make paintings without any paint. She painted Prince Stefan's kingdom on a wall and walked through it to leave the manor. Rapunzel came to Stefan and asked him if he might know who'd made her paintbrush.

They visited the silversmith who told Rapunzel it was made by his brother who lived in Wilhelm's kingdom. It gave Stefan a though Rapunzel's origin might be in Wilhelm's kingdom. To come back, Rapunzel painted the tower on the door near the castle. Rapunzel met Prince Stefan and agreed to go to a ball with him, but Gothel found it out and punished Rapunzel by breaking the paintbrush. Later, Gothel got captured in the tower, accidentally going through the painting done by Rapunzel before.

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