For the country singer, see Rayna (Rock 'n Royals).
RaynaTM and RaylaTM are sisters with flair. One has pink, and the other one, blue hair!

Barbie: Mariposa and her Butterfly Fairy Friends Description.

Rayna is the Reformed Minor Antagonist and a butterfly fairy in Barbie: Mariposa and her Butterfly Fairy Friends. She is voiced by Kathleen Barr, and she has a Spanish accent. Rayna lives in Flutterfield with her twin sister, Rayla, and they are bossy and both want glory. They both have crushes on Prince Carlos.

Rayna and Rayla went with Mariposa to find an antidote for Queen Marabella after she was poisoned by Henna. She is braver than her sister Rayla, who became scared of her own reflection.


In the beginning, Rayna is very full of herself and believes that Prince Carlos would immediately fall for her. She and her sister Rayla are Mariposa's and Willa's bosses, and she has feels no repercussions whatsoever about ordering Mariposa and Willa around. She sees her two attendants as little more than servants who should do absolutely everything for her.

However, when she and Rayla accompany Mariposa on the search for the Ilios antidote, she begins to change. When Mariposa uses the constillations to get the three of them to the Bewilderness after losing the map, Rayna acknowledges that Mariposa used good thinking skills. Rayna and Rayla also help Mariposa deal with a pair of mermaids similar in personality to themselves. Rayna helps Mariposa find a way to take conchel shells without waking the baby mermaids.

In the Cave of Reflection, Rayna's reflection taunts her about her former feelings about how Mariposa was a "nothing". When Mariposa, heeding her own reflection's advice, asks Rayna to go ahead, Rayna refuses and loudly declares that she wishes to stay behind. When Mariposa's wings transform, Rayna calls them beautiful.

At the end, Rayna, Rayla, Mariposa, Willa and Zinzie are all presented with crowns by Queen Marabella as thanks for their bravery. Rayna receives a pink crown of flowers.

Personality Formerly Mean, Cruel, Arrogant, Rude, Selfish, Bossy, Vain, Stubborn, Spoiled, Careless,

Later Nice, Caring, Brave, Protective, determined, Thoughtful,

Alignment Bad Later Good

Enemies Mariposa Formerly, Willa Formerly, Henna, Skeezites


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  • She has the same name as Rayna from Barbie in Rock 'n Royals.
  • Altered versions of the Rayna and Rayla dolls were sold in 2010 for a Target exclusive fairy two-pack giftset.[1]


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