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Gender Female
Race African American
Species Winged Human
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Amber
Age 40s
Occupation Owner of Wings and Things
Voiced by Candus Churchill
Husband Graylen
Barbie: A Fairy Secret

Reena is a minor character in Barbie: A Fairy Secret. She is a human that lives in Gloss Angeles, as she married Graylen, a fairy. It is fairy law that if a human marries a fairy, they must stay in the fairy world forever. Reena is voiced by Candus Churchill.


Reena comes to Gloss Angeles and falls in love with her current husband, Graylen, as soon as she arrived. They got married, but she doesn't mind staying in Gloss Angeles forever because she considers it home because of Graylen. It is possible that she established Wings and Things, a store to buy clip on wings, as she needed them to get around Gloss Angeles.

When Barbie, Raquelle, Carrie and Taylor arrive in Wings and Things, she is pleased to see them all. She gets Barbie and Raquelle wings and doesn't call the guards on Carrie and Taylor, but she lets them go.


Reena has a very bubbly and pleasant personality, and she is eager to assist Barbie and Raquelle in her store. She is good friends with Carrie and Taylor, and doesn't call the palace guards to arrest them when they arrive in her store, Wings and Things.

Physical Appearance

Reena is African American and has short dark brown hair with curly bangs and curly, flicked ends. She has amber eyes and she wears golden eye shadow and red lipstick when she is seen in the film. She wears shiny yellow earrings, two gold bangles on her right wrist, and a yellow dress. The dress is sleevless, with a v-neck collar and its hem goes just past Reena's knees. Reena has a necklace that is yellow with a yellow pendant, and she wears yellow pumps with a slight heel. Reena's wings are yellow clip-on wings.


  • "Carrie, Taylor! Oh! Ha-ha-ha! My favorite fashion fairies."
  • "Princess Graciella had you banned. Fairy law says I should call the palace guards on you right now."
  • "Princess Graciella's a passion fairy. Her emotions are incredibly powerful, especially when she's angry. Nothing is stronger."
  • "I'm a human like you girls. But I fell for him the minute I arrived in Gloss Angeles and I didn't think twice about staying here forever."
  • "When you're with the once you truly love, that's home."
Barbie: A Fairy Secret

Quote: "Forgiveness lets you fly"

Media: Barbie: A Fairy Secret

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Song: "Can You Keep A Secret"

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