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Gender Female
Species Human
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Occupation Student
Voiced by Marÿke Hendrikse
The Barbie Diaries

Regen is a character in The Barbie Diaries. She is best friends with Dawn and Raquelle, and she is in her sophomore year in high school. She is voiced by Marÿke Hendrikse


Regen is a popular, but two-faced, teenager who becomes friends with Barbie so they can gossip. After hearing about her undercover news story, however, Regen and Dawn stopped talking to Barbie and thought that Barbie herself was a hypocrite for pretending to be friends with them.

Regen and Dawn return to hanging out with Raquelle afterwards. By the end of the film, they have abandoned Raquelle and talk to Tia about methods of organizing clothing.

The Barbie Diaries
The Barbie Diaries Cover

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