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Aliases Abbie Birthday
Gender Female
Species Human
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Brown
Age 16
Occupation Palace maid (previously)
Voiced by Dorla Bell
Barbie and The Three Musketeers
For the gymnast-turned-spy, see Renee (Spy Squad).

Renée is one of the supporting protagonists in Barbie and The Three Musketeers. She dreams of being a musketeer and she is voiced by Dorla Bell.


Renée works as a maid at the palace with Viveca and Aramina, and later also Corinne. She first meets Corinne while she is playing her violin near the palace; Corinne hits her and makes her fall into the fountain after Brutus and Miette make her lose her bow. That night, Corinne decides to go find her bow and when she returns it to Renée, she's not angry at her anymore and thanks her, even if Corinne is already asleep, exhausted for the long day of work.


  • In the first trailer she had the same appearance as Nikki of Barbie in a Christmas Carol.
  • In the end of movie, while she and her friends ride horses, her musketeer dress is same color as Aramina's musketeer dress.


  • (To Aramina) "We're here to protect the Prince, Aramina! Not date him!"
  • (Talking about Corinne) "I don't trust her! She's just another country girl who won't last a week in the city!"
  • "Musketeers rock!"
  • (To Corinne) "Corinne, I just wanted to say... Thank you!"


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