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Gender Male
Species Red Panda
Hair Red
Eyes Brown
Voiced by Christopher Gaze
Barbie as The Island Princess

Sagi is a supporting character in Barbie as The Island Princess. He is a red panda voiced by Christopher Gaze.

Appearance and Personality

Sagi is a red panda who is caring and wise as well as friendly.


When Princess Rosella is shipwrecked when she is 6 years old, she arrives on an island only inhabited by animals. She loses her memory, believing her name is "Ro" because she has it on a broken nameplate. Sagi and Azul find her and take care of her, and they live on the island together as a family, also with Tika, a baby elephant.

Sagi Profile
Barbie as The Island Princess
Barbie as The Island Princess Digital Copy

Quote: "There may be miracles awaiting. They may be closer than we know. When we have love to guide us as we go"

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