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Gender Female
Species Flairy
Hair Purple
Eyes Blue
Voiced by Kelly Metzger
Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale
For the pigtail pixie, see Shimmer (Magic of the Rainbow).

Shimmer, or Shim'r, is a character in Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale. She is one of the three flairies, and her power is adding shimmer to fashions. She is voiced by Kelly Metzger.


Shimmer is very light-headed, optimistic and somewhat giggly and joyful. She can be clumsy at times. She is also supportive, as seen as such she was very happy for Glimmer when she transformed Barbie's dress and even called her a "designer".

Physical Appearance

Shimmer has light purple skin and purple hair with silver highlights styled in a bow. She wears a short, purple poofy and sleeveless dress and silver high-heeled strappy sandals. She wears a silver pearl necklace with silver round in the middle, and inside of it has a diamond.

Her dress has strap but sleeveless, her belt is silver and has purple diamonds with purple skirt. Her skirt has 3 layers: The first one is the continued skirt for the dress, the second one is magenta with sparkles and the third one is silver.



Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale
Barbie A Fashion Fairytale Digital Copy

Quote: "Magic happens when you believe in yourself."

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