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Gender Male
Species Human
Hair White
Eyes Brown
Occupation Sliversmith
Voiced by Dale Wilson
Barbie as Rapunzel

The Sliversmith is a character from Barbie as Rapunzel. He lives in King Frederick's Kingdom and is voiced by Dale Wilson. He has a brother that lives in King Wilhelm's Kingdom.


When Princess Rapunzel asks Prince Stefan if he could help her to find out the one who'd made her paintbrush, he tells her they might ask the silversmith. The silversmith takes the paintbrush and admires its details. When Rapunzel asked him if it was his work, the silversmith tells her it was his brother. Rapunzel wanted to meet him, but silversmith tells her he hasn't seen him for two years. Stefan then tells Rapunzel that after two kingdoms were separated.

Both silversmith and his brother attend Rapunzel and Stefan's wedding. They are seen standing next to Rapunzel's father and mother.

Barbie as Rapunzel
Barbie as Rapunzel Digital Copy

Quote: "Love and imagination can change the world."

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