Snow Queen
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The Snow Queen
Occupation Ruler of the Ballet World
Voiced by Tabitha St. Germain
Barbie in the Pink Shoes

The Snow Queen is the main antagonist in Barbie in the Pink Shoes. She rules a magical Ballet World which Kristyn Farraday and Hailey are transported to after Kristyn puts on the magical pink shoes.


The Snow Queen controls everything and everyone in the Ballet World, and when Hailey and Kristyn's arrival disrupt the balance, she immediately wants to find out what is going on. When she discovers about Kristyn and Hailey, she freezes Hailey, turning her into a statue and brings her back to her castle. When Kristyn arrives to save her, the Queen controls Hailey, making her dance under her own command. Kristyn demands she stops and the Queen controls her instead. But as Kristyn goes off the choreography, the Queen loses her control on her and is destroyed through Kristyn's dancing from her heart.


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  • "Exactly what is happening here?"
  • "And where is the bride? Bring her here so I may watch her choose between you."
  • "I am waiting."
  • "Gone? Gone where?"
  • "Silent!"
  • "Did anyone else see anything?"
  • "Where do she get pink shoes?"
  • "That is not the answer I was looking for."
  • "Find her and bring to me."
  • "Everything must be perfect!"
  • "Look about I miss. Hmm..something is not right here. You, who are you?"
  • "You don't belong in this story"
  • "So you're the one who's been changing the stories. Not following directions. Well dear, you're just in time for the show!"
  • "What do you think Giselle? Or I might say...Odette?"
  • "Perfect. Now, a hundred more."
  • "Stop that! There is only one way!"
  • "No!! There is only one way to tell this story!!"
Barbie in the Pink Shoes
Barbie in The Pink Shoes Digital Copy

Quote: "Listen to the beat of your heart and keep on dancing"

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