Spirit of Christmas Future
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Gender Female
Species Spirit
Hair Gray
Eyes Gray
Voiced by Gwyneth Walsh
Kelly Bixby (singing)
Barbie in a Christmas Carol

The Spirit of Christmas Future is a supporting character in Barbie in a Christmas Carol. Her speaking voice is by Gwyneth Walsh, and her singing voice is by Kelly Bixby.


The Spirit of Christmas Future is the last of the ghosts to visit Eden in an attempt to get her to change her ways. She takes her to her potental future and shows her the consequences of her actions. The Spirit reveals that after Eden found out that her co-workers came in late for Chirstmas morning, she fired everyone from the Gadshill Theatre and her replacements failed to live up to her standards. Arriving into the future, Eden is in disbelief when she sees that she and Chuzzlewitt are poor. Her disbelief turned to sadness when she sees that Catherine is not only a popular fashion desgner, but is also cruel to her co-workers. This promped Eden to want to change her ways and be a lot more nicer to her co-workers.


The Spirit of Christmas Future was the most considerate of the Spirits. She was very wise and thoughtful. She was kind, polite and helpful. She didn't rush, she always gave Eden time to think. She was just a bit mysterious.

Physical Appearance

The Spirit of Christmas Future wore a dark red dress and she had a neckband in the same color. The Spirit had a long golden staff to use her magic.



  • In the original story, Christmas Future is silent and hooded. However, The spirit made her entrance hooded before taking it off. Also, in the original story, the spirit was scary, while this one is not, just to make it suitable for children.
Barbie in A Christmas Carol
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