Spirit of Christmas Past
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Spirit Christmas Past
Gender Female
Species Spirit
Hair White
Eyes Blue
Voiced by Tabitha St. Germain
Leanne Araya (singing)
Barbie in a Christmas Carol

The Spirit of Christmas Past is a supporting character in Barbie in a Christmas Carol. She visits Eden Starling on Christmas Eve to help her learn the error of her ways. She is shown as the most cheerful and excitable of the spirits, partially because she is Eden's biggest fan. 

The spirit's singing voice is by Leanne Araya, and her speaking voice is by Tabitha St. Germain.


Meeting Eden

When Christmas Past saw Eden, she immediately shouted and screamed. As she got a little bit crazy, she also even gave Chuzzlewit a cute little face, calling Chuzzie "kooci-wooci-boo". When the Christmas Past drags Eden to the portal, Chuzzie, wanting to stop Eden, as Past misunderstood that Chuzzie wants to along even though the truth is, it doesn't want to.

Eden's Past

Inside the portal, they talked and chat and Past confessed that she is Eden's biggest fan. When she arrived, she didn't know that it is Aunt Marie's house, as she didn't saw Eden when she was poor kid. Aunt Marie told her to practice her singing.

As Eden rode her sled as she saw her aunt is asleep when she was singing, they flew and flew and Past were overjoyed. Young Eden arrived to Christine's house, and having a fantastic party. Eden (adult) said it was just kids stuff when Past disagrees. When the door is knocked, Eden told Past to go back to present time. Past didn't want to, and when Christine's mother opened the door, Aunt Marie got mad.

Sadness Time

Eden and Past immediately came home. Eden thought that it was a nightmare, so she made a fake sleep and the past felt guilt for her. Past disappeared. Eden opened her eye shutter and see if there is Past, but there is nothing, so she go back to sleep.

Christmas Gift

When the snow sled was riding, the sled itself got stuck in the snow, when the three spirits sang the song and they made a new sled that can get through the snow. So they can proceed to go to Christine's house.


Happy and Cheerful

Christmas Past is the first one to show Eden her past. Christmas Past is very cheerful, happy and joyful, maybe because she is Eden's most biggest fan ever. Christmas past do not seems serious through the movie.

Guilty, Sadness and Caring

Christmas Past tends to be caring. She cares of something bad happened when she saw Eden's past. Because of this incident, she felt guilty and leave her alone to make her feel better.


Christmas Past has long white hair tied in a ponytail, wearing a sparkly silver-white headband. Her eyes are blue and her ears are pointy.

Barbie in A Christmas Carol
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