"Starlian Song" is a song from Barbie: Star Light Adventure. In the movie, Barbie, Leo, Sal-Lee, Sheena and Kareena use the song to lure a starlian into a trap.

The song was written by Jordyn Kane, Mansa Wakili, Jason Rabinowitz, Colton Fisher, Kelli Wakili, Jaron Lamot and Brayden Deskins. It was published by Songs of Mattel (BMI), Mattel Rhapsody (ASCAP), The Math Club Music (BMI) and Bad at Math Music (ASCAP).


  • The song title is misspelled "Starlien Song" in the Barbie: Star Light Adventure movie credits.
  • Jordyn Kane is credited as "Jordyn Shankle" for writing this song.
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