The Sugar Plum Fairy
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Gender Female
Species Fairy
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Voiced by Tabitha St. Germain
Barbie in the Pink Shoes

The Sugar Plum Fairy is a character in Barbie in the Pink Shoes. She is the main female lead role for the The Nutcracker ballet, and she is voiced by Tabitha St. Germain.



The Snow Queen tells her and the Nutcracker to inspect every doghouse, mouse house and gingerbread house in the land until they found Giselle. They had to look for Giselle because Kristyn Farraday was transported to their world with a pair of magical pink shoes. Kristyn had taken on the appearance of Giselle and was changing the story of the Giselle ballet, angering the Snow Queen.

The Sugar Plum Fairy found it exciting to look for Giselle, so the Snow Queen froze her for "craving excitement".


The Sugar Plum Fairy is very ditzy and inarticulate. She is also quite childish, because she put her hand up to speak like a child would before speaking to the Snow Queen. The Snow Queen disliked her excitable personality and froze the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Physical Appearance

The Sugar Plum Fairy has pale skin and brunette hair in a bun. She wears a gold tiara that has jewels in it. Her makeup consists of bright pink blush, purple eye shadow and purple lipstick. She is seen wearing a purple leotard that has a design with jewels on the front. Her tutu is white, pink and purple, and her tights are striped like peppermint candy.


  • "Um, um, um, um... So the Giselle is gone, like, like, vanish, like 'poof'? Wearing pink shoes? Ooh! Sounds exciting!"


Barbie in the Pink Shoes
Barbie in The Pink Shoes Digital Copy

Quote: "Listen to the beat of your heart and keep on dancing"

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