The Tannenbaum Inn
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Feature films Barbie: A Perfect Christmas
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The Tannenbaum Inn is a location in Barbie: A Perfect Christmas. It is owned by Christie Clauson, and it is located in Rochester, Minnesota. The known employees are Cole, Holly and Ivy Elif.


Barbie, Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea were traveling to New York for Christmas, but got lost and saw a vacancy sign at the Tannenbaum Inn. Christie Clauson greeted them and sang as the sisters helped Christie and her assistants to wrap and stack presents, and then Christie explained to them that the inn is special at Christmas time because she and the Elif family decorate it lavishly every year and do a big toy drive.

Chelsea thought that the inn was Santa Claus's workshop after she made connections between Christie's name ("Clauson" sounds like "Claus") and the Elif family ("Elif sounds like "Elf"). Christie told Chelsea that it was similar to Santa's workshop because it was a place where people came together to bring Christmas to others.

Barbie and her sisters planned to leave in the morning, and were given the best room in the inn. However, the flight Skipper had booked for the next day was cancelled. Barbie had a conversation with Christie, telling her she blamed herself for giving her sisters false hope about getting to New York.


  • Christie Clauson: "Ho, ho, ho! Hello! Oh, welcome to the Tannenbaum Inn! My name's Christie, and I am at your service!"


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Barbie: A Perfect Christmas
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Quote: "Being together is what makes a perfect Christmas"

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