Lacey's book and matching stone.

"The Dancing Princess" is a book from Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses.


  • "So the princess danced on each of the special stones. Then, on the twelfth one, she twirled three times, and a secret door opened."
  • "She walked through a glowing light into a magic land, with trees of silver and gold, flowers made of jewels. Across the lake was a golden pavilion. The princess danced and danced to her heart's content. She wanted to stay forever but that was not to be.
  • "The magic land vanished after the third night. The princess was heartbroken, until she realized she had brought some magic back with her, and it was hers to keep forever."


On Janessa, Kathleen and Lacey's fifth birthday, their older sisters give them copies of The Dancing Princess. Queen Isabella, the princesses' late mother, had a copy of the book made for each daughter for them to receive when they turned five. Each book has a different flower on it.

The flower on Lacey's book matches the flower on a stone in the girls' bedroom. All the sisters match their books to a stone and after Genevieve dances on the stones (twirling on the twelth stone, like in the story)and a magic gateway opens.

The princesses go to a magic land to dance and Lacey takes some magic water that heals people home with her. The girls go for a second night and a third when their father becomes ill due to Rowena poisoning him. They feel he would get better without them so they leave.

Derek dances on the stones in the sisters' bedroom and enters the magic land to find Genevieve, after he saw her dance on the identical stones on her mother's dance pavilion. He and the princess end up trapped in the magic land when Rowena makes her footman, Desmond, destroy the stones.

Genevieve and Derek dance together so they can make the stones in the magic land light up. The couple, and the sisters, float into the air as they dance, and land on their mother's dance pavilion. Genevieve and Derek go to stop Rowena, the other sisters get rid of the guards.

Lacey runs to find their father. Using a magic flower she took from the magic land, Rowena wishes on it for Genevieve to dance forever, but it backfires and Rowena and Desmond end up dancing forever instead. Lacey uses the magic water to heal her father and all is well.


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