"The Rat Song"
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Barbie as The Island Princess Soundtrack
Barbie as The Island Princess
Written by: Megan Cavallari
Amy Powers (Lyrics)
Rob Hudnut (Lyrics)
Performed by: Scott Page-Pagter
Ian James Corlett
Length: 2:58
Courtesy of: Mattel Rhapsody (ASCAP)
Songs of Mattel (BMI)

"The Rat Song" is a song in Barbie as The Island Princess. It is featured in the movie and on the movie's official soundtrack. The song is performed by Andrea Martin, Ian James Corlett, and Scott Page-Pagter.


Queen Ariana: Put this powder in their food,
They'll sleep like they should.
When the island girl gets blamed,
She'll be gone for good!

Hurry right back to your room,
You'll get something great:
All the cheese that you deserve,
Will be on this plate! Ahahahahaha!

Pat: She said cheese!
Nat: She said cheese!
Pat: Onward!
Nat: Ho-ho!
Pat: Watch my tail!
Nat: Stop pushing!
Pat: Ow!

Nat: We are a trio of hungry fellas,
Pat: Who dream at night about mozzarellas.
Nat: What are we hoping will fill our cellars?
Pat:Parmesans and bries!

Nat: I wanna start with a chewy cheddar!
Pat: I find I like a havarti better!
Nat: Give me a fork in a mound of feta!
Pat: How we love the cheese!

Nat: In a wedge!
Pat: In a hunk!
Nat: In a wheel!
Pat: In a chunk!

Nat: Does it stink?
Pat: Like a skunk!
Both: Yummy, yum, yum, yum, yum!

Nat: In a slice!
Pat: In a brick!
Nat: Very nice!
Pat: Very thick!

Nat: Over rice!
Pat: On a stick!
Both: Licking up every crumb!

Nat: For all our efforts we don't want money,
Pat: Don't want a beach where it's warm and sunny,
Nat: Just give us something that's soft and runny!
Both: Yellow, blue or white!

Pat: And when the rest of the town is resting,
Nat: Oh, the ricotta we'll be digesting!
Pat: No one can top us at fine investing!
Both: Nighty, nighty, night!

Some people think that we are vermin,
But we're just misunderstood!
The connoisseurs of the castle,
Oh yeah, the livin' is good!

Nat: Ooh, can you taste it?
Ooh, can you taste it?
Ooh, can you taste it? (Pat: Yum, yum!)
Ooh, can you taste it? (Pat: Yum, yum!)

Nat: Now that we've finished our little errand,
Pat: Think of the goudas we’ll be comparin'!
Nat: Think of the fondue that we’ll be sharin'!
Both: Extra drippy please!

Pat: Here is the end of our bedtime story!
Nat: Bring on the edible inventory!
Pat: This is the moment of rodent glory!
Nat: Now we get the cheese!

Both: Now we get the...
Pat: Cheese... / Nat: Cheese, cheese! Cheese!
Both: Cheese, cheese! Cheese!
Cheese, cheese! Cheese, cheese!

Barbie as The Island Princess
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