"The Wish I Wish Tonight"
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Barbie Perfect Christmas Soundtrack
Barbie: A Perfect Christmas
Written by: Amy Powers, Gabriel Mann and Rob Hudnut
Published by: Mattel Rhapsody (ASCAP)
Performed by: Jennifer Waris
Produced by: Gabriel Mann
Length: 2:59
"The Wish I Wish Tonight"03:15

"The Wish I Wish Tonight"

"The Wish I Wish Tonight" is a song sung by Jennifer Waris as Barbie in Barbie: A Perfect Christmas. She sings it, after she wishes on a star, to express her dream of fulfilling Stacie and Chelsea's wishes to get to New York in time for Christmas. Deep down Barbie knows that Skipper is right about them not being able to get to New York to see Aunt Millicent. 


Barbie- The Wish I Wish Tonight (lyrics)03:00

Barbie- The Wish I Wish Tonight (lyrics)

The Wish I Wish Tonight (Album Version)03:02

The Wish I Wish Tonight (Album Version)

Barbie The Wish I wish tonight (Instrumental)02:55

Barbie The Wish I wish tonight (Instrumental)

When I wish on a star,
Gaze upon it from afar,
I believe what's troubling me
Can melt away like snow.

This isn't where we want to be,
There is so much more we want to see.
Sparkling lights, city sights,
Busy streets below.

I will keep doing all I can do,
I will keep wishing,
'Cause wishes come true
I'm dreaming our Christmas will turn out right
That's the wish I wish tonight

Ooh, ooh, ooh

When I wish, my heart is full,
Everything is possible.
I can see beyond the clouds,
Feel the stars as they all glow.


Ooh, ooh...

That's the wish I wish
That's the wish I wish
That's the wish I wish tonight


  • Before Barbie sings the song, she wishes on a star. The poem she recites is a nursery rhyme that the name of this song comes from:
"Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight;
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have this wish I wish tonight."
Barbie: A Perfect Christmas
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Quote: "Being together is what makes a perfect Christmas"

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