"This Is Me"
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Barbie Diaries Soundtrack
The Barbie Diaries
Written by: Amy Powers
Michèle Vice-Maslin
Dorian Cheah
Performed by: Skye Sweetnam
Length: 03:42
Courtesy of: Capitol Records
"This is Me" - Music Video

"This is Me" - Music Video

This is Me - Charmz

This is Me - Charmz

"This Is Me" is a song featured in The Barbie Diaries. It was performed by Canadian singer-songwriter Skye Sweetnam, and written by Amy Powers, Michèle Vice-Maslin and Dorian Cheah. Most of the song is heard at the beginning of the movie, and it has its own music video. In the movie, the song is played Barbie's band Charmz. It is a pop rock song with the strong use of alternative rock and teen pop rhythm.


Everyone has got a secret side
A winding path that's through a door that's open wide
You think you know me but I'm changing all the time
'Cause if I wanna be sweet, if I wanna be wild
If I wanna cry like a child
If I pick up the world in the palm of my hand
I guess that's just who I am

This is me, can't ignore it
Reaching out, breaking free
Constantly falling forward
Yeah, I'm just goin' for it
This is me

Sometimes life is a confusing thing
When I talk it seems like no one's listening
Try to be an angel but I just can't find my wings
'Cause I wanna be sweet but I wanna be wild
And I wanna find my own style
So I make a mistake, then I'll do it again
But I'll do it the best that I can


More than what you see
Finding out who I can be

(This is me, this is me)


Can't ignore it
Reaching out, breaking free
Constantly falling forward
Yeah, I'm just goin' for it
This is me

Other versions

  • To promote The Barbie Diaries, Mattel and Shock Records put together four girls from Australia and they were also called Charmz. Charmz performed a cover of  "This Is Me", and peaked at #57 on the ARIA singles chart.
  • Kay Panabaker covered this song for a 2007 film A Modern Twain Story: The Prince and the Pauper. It is heard in the background.
  • A cover of this song (performed by an uncredited singer) is featured in a 2007 American teen drama television series Hidden Palms. It appears in the unaired Pilot episode.
  • American singer-songwriter Kari Kimmel covered this song and it is featured in the end credits scene of a 2007 film Her Best Move. Kari Kimmel's name is not credited in the film, but is confirmed on IMDb site page of the film.