Twillerbees home

The home of the Twillerbees, among the flowers.

The Twillerbees are a group of magical creatures in Barbie Presents Thumbelina. They are very small, the biggest Twillerbee being no larger than a grown person's hand. They all live in a patch of wild flowers in a beautiful field, and have the ability to make plants grow faster with their magic. The Twillerbabies are born when the flowers that have them inside bloom.

Their houses are made of  flowers,twigs, leaves. ect. The bravest of all the Twillerbees is Thumbelina. Her friend Janessa is weary of humans, are is constantly worried about the safety of the Twillerbees; she was even planning to write a Twillerbee handbook, with the first rule advising Twillerbees to have no contact with humans. The Twillerbees work together and prove that being small does not limit how big a difference you can make.

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