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Aliases Duchess Ivana Partee
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Occupation Palace maid (previously)
Voiced by Kira Tozer
Barbie and The Three Musketeers

Viveca is a character in Barbie and The Three Musketeers. She is voiced by Kira Tozer and played by Teresa.


Viveca was a maid in Paris that worked for Madame de Bossé at Prince Louis' palace. She secretly dreamed of being a musketeer, and so she was trained by Hélène alongside her co-workers Corinne, Aramina and Renée. Viveca learned how to fight with ribbons. One night, Viveca, Renée, Corinne, and Aramina dicovered that the Regent's men were sneaking weapons into an upcoming masquerade ball to kill Prince Louis. Viveca and her friends saved him and were named royal musketeers.


Viveca is kind and loves animals. She also loves to design clothes and tends to talk in French. Also, she is very artistic.

Physical Appearance

Viveca has tan skin, brown eyes and long brown hair. When she was a maid, Viveca wore her hair in an updo with purple headbands, and her uniform was a purple with white sleeves, white tights and purple shoes. For her Duchess Ivona Party disguise, she wore a purple masquerade mask with a purple ball gown with her hair still in an updo. Her musketeer outfit is a purple dress with white tights and purple boots. After she becomes an official musketeer, Viveca wears her musketeer ensemble with a blue musketeer hat and cape.


  • "Don't mess with the dress!"
  • (To Corinne) "Enfant terrible!"
  • "Bien sur! And musketeers are so very chic... and their blue tunics are ... incredible!"
  • (Admiring the cape she just made for herself) "Et voilà! Magnifique!"
  • (To Hélène, exhausted after the first training) "Are we... musketeers yet?"
  • "C'est très bizarre!"
  • "What do we know about this Corinne, anyway?" (Aramina: "She seems nice to me!") "Aramina, everyone seems nice to you!"
  • "Aramina! You think every boy is dreamy?"
  • "Mais oui. They'll be the most beautiful gowns at the ball."


  • Viveca was originally named Trista.[1]
  • In the teaser trailer, Viveca had the same appearance as Teresa from Barbie & The Diamond Castle.
  • She is based on Porthos from the original novel.


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