"Wish Upon A Star"
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Barbie as Rapunzel Digital Copy
Barbie as Rapunzel
Written by: Niclas Molinder, Joacim Persson, Pelle Ankarberg, and BlackCell
Performed by: Samantha Mumba
Length: 2:38

"Wish Upon A Star" is a song featured in Barbie as Rapunzel and Barbie Sings! The Princess Movie Collection. It is the 2nd Barbie movies song.


Remember when I said I won't miss you
The truth is that I do
I never stop thinking about you (about you)
We are meant together, the two of us our bound
And now it seems like forever
I can't get you off my mind

If I could wish upon a star
Then I would hold you in my arms (hold you in my arms)
And I know we could love once again (we could love again)
If I could turn the hands of time
Then you would love me, still be mine
Baby, I would be right where you are
If I could wish upon a star

It's obvious and everyone can see
But baby, you and I are truly meant to be
But nothing turns out right (nothing turns out right)
If only I could make you realize
If only time could give us just another chance
I'd prove it all to you

If I could wish upon a star
If I could turn the hands of time
Then I'd be in your arms again


If I could wish upon a star


Barbie as Rapunzel
Barbie as Rapunzel Digital Copy

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